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Thermomix – Easy Cooking, Healthy Eating!

Ellin Chong
I was raised in a small kampong farm where access to the freshest poultry, fruits and vegetables was at my doorstep. I would walk around our orchard and plucked the best fruit and eat it there and then. These privileges were not possible when I left my kampong to work abroad after completing my studies in my homeland.

I have always encouraged eating foods made with the best ingredients.  Most foods can be healthy, like chocolate cake, mayonnaise, cafĂ© latte, if only the ingredients are healthy.  Modern day diets are so obsessed with the amount of food you should be eating that they have failed to address the QUALITY of food.  What I mean by this, instead of eating diet foods containing hydrogenated vegetable oils, eat foods made with cold pressed oils trueand are made with natural sugar or honey.  It is really hard nowadays to look for foods prepared this way.

Well, I have found a solution to this.  In early September 2009, a friend of mine told me that she has purchased a Cooking Machine that made my type of cooking a breeze.  What she told me that the Machine did was done by more than 12 appliances in most kitchens and I was amazed.

This wonderful lady came to my house with a friend, one Saturday afternoon and demonstrated this amazing Machine and after 10 minutes of about 2 hours demonstration I knew that it was the solution to making healthy cooking easy.

Since that day, my Thermomix and I are never separated.  I use it every day.  It sits in my kitchen studio as this is all I need to make quick, healthy condiments, jams, desserts, juices, main meals, dips, soups, bread and anything my heart desires, using the best of ingredients.

For me the Thermomix is the answer to easy cooking, healthy eating.  Life is all about time and convenience and Thermomix gives us more time and the best of convenience.

Thermomix, The World Smallest Kitchen, Makes Eating Healthy and Easier!

Ellin Chong

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Email: evermix2010@gmail.com; truemix.brunei@gmail.com